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Robert in Lockdown – 15.1.21

In an incredible turn of events, however, not only have I featured at the coveted US Masters this weekend – but so have Gunna Sound, Gary Innes, and Skipinnish – all thanks to an absolute West Coast superstar, Robert MacIntyre.

Robert in Lockdown – 8.1.21

The main story of this week, however, is not April Fools’ Day but “three back and sides day” – the reopening of the country’s barbers on Monday.

Robert in Lockdown – 25.3.21

This week, I paused for reflection as I wrote the number 52, which marks a full year since we decided to suspend the Glasgow Letter temporarily in favour of Robert in Lockdown.

Robert in Lockdown – 24.12.20

Some weeks ago, we began re-recording a few pop covers to release as a ‘thank you’ to everyone who has followed us virtually in 2020 and supported us. At some point during the process, we decided we should attempt a Christmas song to add to the collection…