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Air adhart gu àbhaisteachadh ùr!

RNM 2021 is unique for several reasons – the first Mod ever to have been postponed, excepting the periods of the two world wars. Also the first RNM in which a hybrid programme uses the internet to facilitate many competitions, but those prime events (solos / duets etc) lower numbers of competitors are taking place and are being streamed live on the internet, enabling supporters world wide to enjoy the Mod. Although choirs have been unable to rehearse for the past 18 months, and consequently are unable to compete, on Thursday and Friday afternoons the RNM 2021 will feature two special choir concerts featuring eight different choirs in each, where the audience can enjoy the choristers’ choice. More focus has been allocated to Mod fringe events and the opening concerts proved hugely popular, with the Saturday evening event featuring young singers and musicians alongside professional star performers was outstanding. Hoping readers are enjoying watching and listening online and on TV and radio!

Robert in Lockdown – 19.11.20

If you’re looking for the oldest generation of Scots who have missed out on seeing our team at a major tournament, look no further than me.