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Something for the Weekend 26th June 2020

The OT Team are back with Something for the Weekend Ellis takes control (or at least tries to keep everyone under control) with Fiona, Kathie and Steevie – They discuss the opening of shops, a lockdown birthday for Fiona (and Malcolm) as well as a theatre and TV suggestions.

What’s in This Week’s Oban Times 17th June 2020

Join Fiona, Kathie and Ellis for their weekly taster of What’s in this week’s Oban Times. Black Lives Matter, microplastics and buzzing bees are amongst the hot topics being discussed while news about an online festival might just be the tonic for music lovers.

Something for the Weekend 5th June 2020

From pizzas to quizzing, fixing typewriters to kayaking to a not-so-desert island, Oban Times reporters Kathie Griffiths, Fiona Scott, Ellis Butcherand IT whizz Martin Stewart find plenty to chat about – as usual!