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Oban and Lorn Map 2022

In days gone by when travel was mainly by rail and steamer Oban was called the Charing Cross of the north. It was where all routes seemed to meet.
The same still holds true today, if you’re going out to or coming from the islands chances are your ferry will berth here.
It’s a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Adrian’s legacy shines a light on pancreatic cancer

With nearly 1,000 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Scotland each year and more than half of those with the disease dying within three months of diagnosis, Adrian Beard was determined to help change that statistic by raising awareness and funds for research

McCaig’s Tower to shine for Megan

Tonight from around 7.30pm the iconic monument will go green to mark the colour of the mental health awareness ribbon and one of Megan’s favourite colours to wear.