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SAMS Review of the Year

In a year once again dominated by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) did have reasons to celebrate

New Lismore ferry close to completion

Built by Mainstay Marine Solutions Ltd of Pembrokeshire, Lady of Lismore will have a crew of two with room for 23 passengers all year round and a cruising speed of eight knots.

Kerry beams her message from the ocean depths

The GRAB Trust will be working in partnership with the Darwin200 project, Marine Conservation, Society and several other ocean conservation organisations to supervise and conduct ocean research during the voyage.

Professorship for marine geologist

Professor John Howe will give his inaugural professorial lecture Getting into deep water: adventures in marine geology  on World Oceans Day, Tuesday  June 8.

Algae scientist Ceci stays cultured

Working from home is not an option for Ceci who is responsible for one of the world’s most diverse collection of cultures made up of more than 2,500 microscopic marine and freshwater creatures – some 100-years-old.

Friends needed for Sound of Jura

Friends of the Sound of Jura, formed in 2017, relies on a hardworking tam of volunteers and is continually looking for more people to help.