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Loch Awe hosts regatta adventure

Loch Awe Coastal Rowing Club’s Cruachan skiff will welcome 11 other skiffs from across Scotland to its regatta weekend starting on April 23.

Coastal row around Kerrera

Loch Awe Coastal Rowing Club (CRC) skiffs Mingulay and Cruachan and the newly formed upper Loch Fyne CRC with its skiff Mrs MacPhunn launched from
Ganavan sands into calm seas and a falling tide to rendezvous with Oban CRC and its  Moluag skiff off the north west point of Kerrera.

Four saved in loch drama

A local resident heard the drama unfold at around 9.30pm and raced to the scene to find the group without a lifejacket between them ‘shouting and screaming for help’.