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Landmark agreement links three St Kilda projects

The MoU commits the three projects to, ‘raise the profile of St Kilda and its
cultural and natural history, through co-ordination of the activities of its
member groups for the benefit of the whole Western Isles’.

New vaccination centre for Lewis and Harris

Those living on Lewis and Harris are asked to watch out for updated vaccination timetables, including details of influenza vaccine opportunities, in local press and social media.

Concerns raised over islands goose management scheme changes

NFU Scotland last week called for support to continue, with President Martin Kennedy saying the grazing pressure exerted by the growing resident populations of Greylag geese on many Scottish islands continues to have a devastating impact on farming and crofting businesses. 

View from The Edge: Cath MacDonald

On our campsite I found that many who arrived had travelled from Oban to Lochboisdale or Barra and then travelled up through the Uists to Harris and Lewis.

Surfacing works start on Lewis and Harris

Traffic management and vehicle convoy systems will be in place and the Comhairle asks that drivers please obey any temporary speed limits, warning signage and allow additional time for travelling.