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Thanks for bumper crop of donations

The children have been busy planting, looking after and gathering a variety of fruit and vegetables thanks to all those in the community who donated money and time to the project.

CalMac helps community garden bloom

The community garden at Bunessan is more than about well-being. It is also about helping people feel less isolated and encouraging them to learn about gardening and growing food in such a remote area of the island.

Dye garden will show its true colours

Hollyhocks for their purples, Woad for blue, Marigolds for orange, Madder for reds and Calendulas for yellows are just some of the plants that will be nurtured in two raised beds at the former school being transformed into a cultural community hub.

Well-being benefits of a tactile garden

Sensory gardens appeal to all our senses – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch – helping to reduce stress and anxiety and providing us with a place that helps encourage wellbeing and mindfulness.

Greenshoots is pick of the crop

Sunshine and smiles were the order of the day when the green project flung its garden gate open wide to welcome everyone on Saturday – the bees were busy buzzing there too.