Tag: Climate change

Publishing Scotland film focuses on nature writing

‘All the signs are there that we are very close to some kind of tipping point, beyond which the planet as we know it, can’t recover. It is the duty of a nature writer to say that as often, and as loudly and as persuasively as possible. There’s nothing more important.’

Local climate and environmental activists hit back at ‘extremist’ label

In an article penned especially for the Lochaber Times this week, Kate Willis and Andrew Squire, who are both founding members of the local branch of Extinction Rebellion, respond to news that counter terrorism police had branded the national organisation as an extremist ideology alongside such groups as Islamic extremists and Neo-Nazis.

Farming is key to climate change solution

Extreme weather events are in the news, climate change is high on the political agenda and agriculture is seen by some as a major contributor. Responsible agriculture is part of the solution writes NFUS vice-president Charlie Adam.