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A ‘Super Hero’ week for the kids in Caol

The final week of the school holidays can be a hard slog for some, but this year 50 or more children attended Kilmallie Free Church in Coal and joined the ‘Super Hero Academy’ a week-long holiday club held each afternoon.

Caol bridal party back together for diamond anniversary

When Caol couple Bobby and Isabel Mathers were drawing up plans to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary earlier this month, they decided to make the event extra special by inviting back members of the original bridal party from August 5, 1959.

One man and a boat: the story of MV Dayspring

Rarely has a shipwreck attracted as much intrigue as MV Dayspring after it suddenly appeared on the Kilmallie shoreline in December 2011. Neill Bo Finlayson met the ship’s owner to uncover the story behind the ‘Corpach Wreck’.