Beachd Ailein, Allan Campbell – Thursday September 16

UHI Principal and Vice-chancellor Professor Tod Walker has apologised for apparently labelling some of the tuition provided through UHI as ‘vanity courses’. Many question the apparently disparaging criticism of some courses by the new Principal, and are asking whether Prof Walker’s views were known when he was appointed. Was he perhaps hired to oversee a fundamental overhaul of UHI courses?

Croftless Crofter: Nic Goddard

Between whatever has enjoyed a chicken dinner and the slugs feasting on my cabbages it could easily feel as though food is being swiped from under our noses by the nature outside.

Beachd Ailein, Allan Campbell – Thursday September 9

Pictures of Taliban troops sporting abandoned American uniforms and American weapons must be among the most embarrassing images the US has ever had to endure. The thousands of people who are still in hiding, and in fear for their own and their families’ is reminiscent of the plight of the thousands of Highlanders evicted without compassion in the 19th century, many of whose ancestors across the world will be tuning in to the live streaming of the Royal National Mod next month.

Travelling abroad has changed

The pandemic has changed the way we travel abroad. The Government has put in place a traffic light system – green, amber, red – designed to tell you the actions that need to be taken on return from overseas travel. Other changes have been made because the UK has left the EU.