Allan Campbell – Thursday October 14, 2021

While Royal National Mod visitors and participants may have little time or inclination to concentrate on anything other than Gaelic language and music, world events continue to influence all our lives. The UK post Brexit sectoral labour shortages are now exacerbated by the spiralling gas prices which threaten millions with higher bills and possible financial hardship. Government response is not encouraging, and indeed the contention that the UK approach to employment and training must change to enable higher wages and productivity, seems to promise hard times as there is no clear plan to bridge the evolution from where we are now to the political vision of a “promised land”.

Allan Campbell – Thursday October 7, 2021

The stark horror of man’s inhumanity to man has been highlighted by the evil barbarism of Wayne Couzens and there is, rightly, a new focus on the safety of women on our city streets. While Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick is being criticised for failing to act effectively to improve protection of women in London, violence against women is a national problem which requires urgent attention and action at national level. Changing misogynistic attitudes will not be easy where “might is right” has been a societal reality for centuries, but if we wish to be a truly civilised country this change must happen and we can all contribute by exposing and reporting bullying and violent behaviour in all its forms.

Glasgow Letter – October 7, 2021

Well, on the subject of weather, as Ricky Fulton said in an old Scotch and Wry episode: When the gaels from the North meet the showers from the West, there’s going to be one helluva party! 

Travelling abroad has changed

The pandemic has changed the way we travel abroad. The Government has put in place a traffic light system – green, amber, red – designed to tell you the actions that need to be taken on return from overseas travel. Other changes have been made because the UK has left the EU.