Cry for the Wild: Holly Gillibrand

Hen Harrier Day is a celebration of this iconic and declining bird, and a day in which we raise our voices against its biggest threat – illegal persecution. Find out more about Hen Harrier Day Online at, and join us in two days time to learn more about this magnificent bird.

Robert in lockdown – 6.8.20

Well done to Belladrum for making the effort to provide something for music lovers despite the inevitable cancellation of the live event.

Around Oban with Kay McDonald – 30.7.20

As Joe and I have been out and about we’ve been encouraged by the response of visitors to the restrictions in place – they’re having a good time and doing it responsibly, as are the locals. 

Robert in lockdown – 30.7.20

Having fallen out of fashion as foreign holidays became cheaper, I wonder if future years will see a revival of the tradition as people favour staycations in the aftermath of Covid-19.